About Us

Vitae Care Medical Group is a Management Service Organization that provides practice management and administrative support services to physicians and group practices. Our physicians serve senior residences, post acute care and home health organizations. We give our providers an EMR and Virtual Care Communication tools to enhance the care they provide and allows for more patient face time. Our philosophy is simple: we provide the best people and the best processes when you need us.


Vitae Care Medical Group envisions a new paradigm of healthcare where people are the central tenet of a patient-focused system where high quality care is delivered by caring providers empowered by state-of-the-art technology to dramatically, efficiently, and economically improve the health of patients in the least intrusive setting possible; independently at home, with assistance at home, or at an empowered healthcare facility. At all times the patients and their families are connected personally and technologically to their physicians and all elements of the healthcare community, improving outcomes, preventing errors, and reducing costs wherever the patient receives care.   


Vitae Care Medical Group is committed finding the best people, the best processes, and the most up-to-date technology to be responsive to the needs and desires of all patients. To make healthcare available, affordable, efficient, portable, cost effective, and compassionate consistent with the needs and desires of each individual. To make sure that the patient’s health and wellbeing is always the focus of the care we provide.


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