Virtual Care

LTCA brings a comprehensive model to post-acute care for our patients and facility management where “high touch” meets “high tech” to provide continuous monitoring and point of need care for our patients. Our telehealth and remote patient monitoring technology in conjunction with our Quality First InitiativeTM allows patients to age in place with continuous care monitoring that connects to LTCA’s highly qualified geriatric practitioners. A partnership with LTCA will help maximize patient care and care   coordination communications that drive facility ratings.

  • Remote biometric monitoring (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connected devices)

  • Patient monitoring (24x7) with alerts to care givers and family

  • Structured care plans (custom or 'best practice' included for major disease states/conditions)

  • Video care, communication, and collaboration with patient and family and LTCA consulting practitioners for "shared decision making"

  • Provider interface for clinical documentation system is "tap" and "talk"

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